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So what do you need to know?… I’m originally from Belfast and have been working as a portrait and lifestyle photographer in advertising and publishing for over 15yrs now. I’ve 4 kids. The eldest is 10 years older than his younger brother and then twins came along. I try to spend my time away from shoots with the family and enjoying life.
I get a real enjoyment from producing images, the creative in me gets very excited. I believe that I take beautiful and well crafted images that tell stories and show people in the best light.
I like a laugh on set and take everything as it comes, never to stressed but extremely hard working to get the shot. Amanda Holden said that i was her new favourite photographer after a recent shoot,... not to my face but i’ll take it as reported. I’ve worked with a number of high profile celebrities and even getting a laugh out of Damon Albarn.


My portfolio includes work for top brands such as Siemens, Longines, and The Sunday Times, as well as celebrities like Antonio Banderas, Kylie Minogue and Harry Styles.


+44 783 459 8742

Instagram @michaelleckie


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