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Portrait Workshop

I am now offering a PORTRAIT WORKSHOP. Its open to students, aspiring amatuer photographers and people who are keen to develop their technique and learn about studio lighting and methods. I will personally take you through setting up your images and talk you through metering for the light, composition and answer any questions that you might have about Portrait photography, the industry and about my work. Bring your camera and get involved. There will be a model on set to photograph and the day will be structured to give everyone a chance to do 2 setups and then experiment with some lighting.

Studio Portrait Workshop

  • 4hr access to 1x model along with other workshoppers in the group.

  • introduction into flash lighting and continuos lighting

  • working with a subject, composition and direction

  • work flow in the studio with direct to laptop and monitor

  • various lighting setups to capture with your camera and take the images away

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